I am a User Experience Designer dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach to creating human centered design solutions. Good design reduces friction, maximizes potential, and inspires us to be more human; it runs deeper than beautiful aesthetics, good design is sociology, anthropology, engineering, communication...all working together to increase human flourishing.  

As the rate of technological advancement increases, so does the responsibility on those designing the tools we use. Instead of asking what can be built, designers must ask what should be built. 

What types of stories do our products tell? Are they – in some small way – improving the human experience? Are they enabling human flourishing, or are they distracting us from core aspects of our humanity?

I have a liberal arts degree in rhetorical studies and Literature from Wheaton College and continue my education informally through studies about the history and philosophy of technology, design, ethics, and more. I occasionally chronicle my thoughts over on my blog.