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Believe River Guide Service


A family brand identity and web experience with 3 sub categories to highlight the different aspects of the Believe River mission:

  1. Guide Services
  2. Joining Worlds
  3. Believe Gear




Brand Storytelling

Through interviews with the business owner, we collaborated in developing the Believe River brand story.

The business owner's dream was to use his passion (fishing) to extend human flourishing to his customers, his community, and the world. His customers would benefit from spending solid time out in nature, developing skills as he taught them the craft and lifestyle of fishing while on 1-day guided trips.

Believe River would in turn use it's proceeds to run similar fishing weekend trips for underprivileged youth in the community. Finally, Believe River would use proceeds to help fishermen in developing countries, providing supplies and other resources. 


Visual Branding

I Guided the team through developing a family brand identity, intended to communicate all the aspects of the business under the umbrella of "Believe River"

The company was originally named "Always Believe", but we ended up changing it to "Believe River" under the direction of the owner.

The final version had two editions of the primary "Believe River" logo, and three sub icons/logos to represent the different aspects of the brand: 

  1. Guide Services
  2. Joining Worlds
  3. Believe Gear

Web Design

With the unique 3-progned mission statement, we began the web design process with careful attention to the information architecture of the site. From the beginning, we wanted Believe River to be seen as more than just another guide service; we built the site to tell the whole story behind the brand.